• It’s Market Time

    I’ll be at the Capital City Public Market in downtown Boise, Idaho, every Saturday from now until Christmas.

    If you’re around, come on down for a great deal on Essential Soap+.




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  • Seattle Gift Show

    And we’re on our way to the Seattle Gift Show!

    Should be a fun (and hopefully profitable) trip.

    Seattle Gift Show

    We’ll be debuting our newest product: Essential Soap+.

    Available in four delicious flavors representing the four seasons.

    Stop on by if you’re at the show!



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  • I’m missing her…..

    Theresa and me in Germany

    Our oldest has been living in Germany for 3 years. She comes home for a visit every year and we have been over twice. We don’t have a trip over planned for this year but I’m sure needing to smell her and hug her. Theresa slathers on sunscreen and I need to smell her.

    Smell you later sweetie!



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  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

    smokerOur family used to take several trips per year from Nevada to California over the Sierras to visit our grandparental units. Our parents chain smoked during the normal five hour drive.  During winter snow storms the trips lasted much longer and we often sat for hours waiting for the pass to open. All the other parents let their kids out to play in the snow while we tried to be quiet and sit patiently in the car while Mom and Dad smoked non-stop… This picture brought back all those memories. (Why Smokers Still Smoke in the New York Times)
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  • It’s a Dog’s World

    I’m off to dog sit for my daughter while she takes a vacation to Portland for a few days. Olive, a black Miniature Schnauzer, is a loveable, albeit slightly neurotic, bundle of joy. My nickname for her is Noodle because she wriggles happily like a wet one every time I see her. I don’t have any grandkids, but ask me about my granddog and I’ll bore you senseless!



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